Central monitoring system

Central monitoring system

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With the improvement of people's living standards, the incidence of cardiovascular diseases is getting higher and higher, and the most life-threatening diseases are acute myocardial infarction, malignant arrhythmia, refractory chronic heart failure, aortic dissection and other diseases; The use of equipment is an important helper for observing, treating and nursing critically ill patients. The Cardiovascular Department is equipped with a central monitoring system, equipped with a monitor and a telemetry monitor to escort cardiovascular patients.

Central monitoring system category classification:

Wired central monitoring system

Using standard industrial network structure connection, the central monitoring workstation and each bedside machine adopts all-digital 100M Ethernet networking technology, the information transmission speed is fast, accurate, stable and reliable, so that the cost is reduced, and the functional performance is improved day by day. It can be connected to hundreds of bedside monitors for medical services of different sizes.

Wireless central monitoring system

Use a single wireless transceiver chip or GPRS signal to achieve free-moving use position,

It does not require wiring to operate, can temporarily increase the bed, and can run quickly and reliably in temporary situations. No wiring, flexible application.