Obstetric Central Monitoring System

Obstetric Central Monitoring System

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Central Obstetrics Monitoring System In order to achieve real-time monitoring of the whole life of pregnant women and fetuses, improve the quality of obstetrics, and avoid medical accidents and disputes, the central monitoring network is the best choice. Fetal monitoring has become an effective routine monitoring method for obstetric prenatal labor, which can detect early fetal tolerance to hypoxia, oxygen reserve, intrauterine distress, etc., reduce the damage caused to the fetus due to hypoxia, and improve Fetal production quality, reducing perinatal mortality. Among them, full-time birth control is more important. To implement full monitoring, a multi-bed central monitoring system is the best solution. At present, the fetal monitor is developing from general fetal monitoring to maternal and child monitoring, ordinary single-machine monitoring to multi-bed multi-bed network monitoring.