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Fetal monitors are very important and must not be ignored!
- 2019-06-20-

Speaking of fetal heart,

Xiaobian thinks of a funny thing,

When the big S was exposed, the pressure on the little boy was too big.

Every time I check, I am afraid of the baby in my stomach.

No heartbeat, no death!

Don't even believe

The sound heard in your own ears,

I think that is the recording of the doctor...

Many people want to know, what is the fetal heart?

In the fetal system, the heart is the first to function. Fetal heart sound can directly reflect the situation of the fetus in the mother's womb, the number of weeks of pregnancy, the basic situation of pregnant mother, fetal movement, environmental stimulation during monitoring, etc., can affect its rate, early pregnancy, fetal heart rate is faster, middle and late pregnancy The fetal heart rate is 110-160 beats/min, and is more regular.

Fetal heart monitoring is not only to check the fetal heart rate, but also based on the contraction situation, the combination of the two data for reference, in order to finally analyze whether the fetus has intrauterine hypoxia.

How to listen to the fetal heart?

Generally, after 12 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal heart can be heard on the abdominal wall of pregnant women, like horseshoes, and each time it is monitored for 1 minute, 110 to 160 times / divided into normal. Under normal circumstances, the position and strength of the fetal heart sound heard through the abdominal wall will change due to the gestational age, fetal position and fat thickness of the abdominal wall. Pregnant mothers do not have to worry about this. However, if the fetal heart rate is too fast, too slow, or the fetal heart is not heard, it may be due to intrauterine hypoxia or even fetal death.