Multi-parameter ECG monitoring

Multi-parameter ECG monitoring

Product Details


First, the performance characteristics of multi-parameter monitor:

1, using the world famous brand module, high precision, accurate parameters, reliable quality, stable performance

2, high brightness and high resolution 12-inch color TFT liquid crystal display, data waveform is clear and easy to see

3, the body is light and sturdy, easy to carry

4, internal all-metal structure, fully isolated floating, the parameters are more stable and reliable

5, rotating flying edge operation mode, Chinese and English dual-use operation interface, easy to learn, easy to use, easy to operate

6, using LFG full digital optical frequency oxygen measurement technology, pulse oximetry measurement is more accurate

7, full-lead seven-channel synchronous display ECG

8, five minutes of ECG waveform playback, ST segment automatic detection, arrhythmia analysis, drug concentration calculation, respiratory oxygenation map and other functions

9, full parameter 384 hours trend data memory and dynamic waveform capture

10, can set the upper and lower limits of the alarm arbitrarily, automatic sound and light double alarm

11, for adults, children, newborns

12, anti-defibrillation, anti-high-frequency electric knife interference

13, with network transmission function, the connection network cable can be directly connected to the computer, or send data packets through the network

14, ultra-quiet, fanless design

15, standard plug-in lithium battery, AC, DC dual-use

16, optional built-in dual-channel thermal array recorder, real-time printing of waveforms and charts

17, widely used in internal medicine, surgery, operating room, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, emergency center, ICU, CCU

18, optional cart, wall bracket.

19, a variety of display interface, convenient and intuitive

Second, multi-parameter monitor technical parameters


Lead selection: full lead, I, II, III, aVF, aVR, aVL, V1--6 chest lead display

Gain selection: ×1, ×2, ×4, ×0.5 four files

Frequency: Diagnostic mode 0.05~130Hz

Monitoring mode 0.5~40Hz

Surgical mode 1~20Hz

Common mode signal rejection: diagnostic mode > 90 dB

Monitoring mode > 100 dB

Surgical mode > 100 dB

Scanning speed: 12.5 mm / S, 25 mm / S, 50 mm / S three standard files.

Heart rate range: Adult 15 ~ 300bpm (beat / minute)

Newborn / Child 15 ~ 350 bpm (beat / minute)

Heart rate accuracy: ±1% or ±1bpm, whichever is greater

Calibration signal: 1mV (peak-to-peak value, accuracy ±5%)

ST segment detection: measurement range (-2.0mV ~ +2.0mV)

Baseline recovery time: < 3="" seconds="" after="">

Alarm mode: sound and light alarm

Heart rate alarm preset range: (over preset value alarm)

Adjustable from 40 to 255 times per minute

The lower limit is adjustable from 20 to 160 times per minute.

RESP breathing

Technology: abdominal, thoracic impedance

Respiratory measurement range: Adult 7 ~ 120BrPM (times / min)

Children and newborns 7 to 150 BrPM (times / minute)

Accuracy: ±2 BrPM (times/min)

Resolution: 1 BrPM (times / min)

Gain selection: ×0.5, ×1, ×2, ×4 four files

Alarm mode: sound and light alarm

Alarm preset range: (over preset value alarm)

Adjustable from 10 to 100 times per minute

The lower limit is adjustable from 0 to 99 times per minute.

NIBP blood pressure

Technology: oscillometric method (pulse wave oscillation method)

Working mode: manual / automatic / continuous

Unit of measurement: mmHg / Kpa

Overvoltage protection: double safety protection

Adult mode 300 mmHg

Child mode 240 mmHg

Neonatal mode 150 mmHg

Blood pressure measurement range and accuracy:


Adult systolic blood pressure 40~270mmHg

Diastolic pressure 10~215mmHg

The average pressure is 20~235mmHg

Children systolic blood pressure 40~200mmHg

Diastolic pressure 10~150mmHg

The average pressure is 20~165mmHg

Neonatal systolic blood pressure 40~135mmHg

Diastolic pressure 10~100mmHg

The average pressure is 20~110mmHg

Static pressure range: 0 ~ 300mmHg

Static pressure accuracy: ±3mmHg

Blood pressure accuracy: maximum average error ±5mmHg

Maximum standard deviation 8mmHg

Alarm mode: sound and light alarm

Alarm preset range and error: (over the preset value alarm)

Systolic pressure upper limit 40 ~ 250mmHg; lower limit 10 ~ 220mmHg

Diastolic blood pressure upper limit 20 ~ 250mmHg; lower limit 10 ~ 220mmHg

SPO2 blood oxygen saturation

Range: 70 to 100%: ± 2 DIGIT 0% to 69%: not defined

Blood oxygen saturation measurement error: 70 ~ 100%: 0% ~ 69%: not defined

Resolution: 1%

Pulse times: 20 to 300 times / minute

Alarm mode: sound and light alarm

Alarm preset range and error: (over the preset value alarm)

The upper limit is 20% to 100%;

The lower limit is 10% to 99%;

TEMP body temperature

Technology: Highly sensitive thermistor probe

Body temperature measurement range: 0 ° C ~ 45 ° C

Resolution: 0.1 ° C

Body temperature accuracy: ±0.1 °C (without sensor error)

Alarm mode: sound and light alarm

Alarm preset range and error: (over the preset value alarm)

Upper limit adjustable from 20.1 ° C to 45 ° C

Adjustable between 20°C and 44.9°C

data storage

The internal data can be transmitted to the computer through the network cable, or the data packet can be sent to the user platform for storage and sharing.

power supply

Built-in battery (standard): fully sealed maintenance-free ultra-large capacity lithium battery

External AC: single AC power supply 220V, 50Hz, maximum current 1A

Working temperature: 5 ° C ~ 40 ° C

Working humidity: ≤ 85% relative humidity, no condensation

Storage temperature: -20 ° C ~ +55 ° C

Storage humidity: ≤95% relative humidity, no condensation

Altitude: 86.0kPa ~ 106.0 kPa (working status)

Machine power consumption: no more than 70VA

Monitor size and weight

Size: 320mm X 280mm X 190mm

Finished product weight: 6 kg

safety standard

Comply with IEC60601 – 1, UL2601 medical international safety standards

Meet the requirements of GB9706.1-2007, GB9706.9-2008, GB9706.25-2005, YY0667-2008, YY0668-2008, YY0709-2009 and YY0784-2010 national and industry standards.



Specifications: Dual Channel Thermal Array Recorder

Printing method: real-time or event trigger recording waveform, text

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